Company Profile


BRONZE TRADING LIMITED is incorporated on 16th April 1984 in New Delhi. Later, the company changed its Registered Office from New Delhi to the Union Territory of Chandigarh on 9th March, 2000. The Registered office of the company is situated at SCO 2 MADHYA MARG, SECTOR 26, CHANDIGARH – 160019 and also having Corporate Office situated at 12/2 Ajanta Commercial Centre, A wing, 4th Floor, Income Tax, Ahmedabad – 3800014.


  • To carry on business as timber merchants ,saw mill proprietors and timber growers , and to buy, sell ,grow ,prepare for market ,manipulate, import ,export and deal in timber ,teak ply-wood ,fire wood , and wood of all kinds and to manufacture and deal in articles of all kinds in the manufacture of which timber ,ply-wood or other wood is used and to buy ,sell plant and work timber estates.
  • To carry on the business of financiers of industrial, commercial and other enterprise and general financiers, film financiers, producers and distributors and exhibitors , moneylenders ,real estate owners , landlords ,real estate agents ,builders ,underwriters, guarantors ,hire purchase dealers , investors , promoters, brokers and dealers of land, buildings, houses, easements ,book-debts, patents ,factories, mines, industrial undertakings business concerns ,ware house, property and rights of all kinds , agricultural lands ,farms , gardens, flats, showrooms, offices, residential units , shops and godowns, business of insurance agents, trust company , safe deposit company and such other business and acts required in connection there with and to borrow and raise money provided that the company shall not carry on the business of banking as defined under banking companies act,1949.
  • To carry on the business of builder, contractor, engineer, architect, consultant, planner and designer, for any civil or industrial construction. Such as residential building office building, quarters, hotels, cinema halls, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses , petrol pumps, bridges and over bridges , roads, highways ,railways ,ropeways ,railway sidings, drains, sewerages, public privies, installation of machineries and set up gardens , parks, recreation centers, clubs, and develop any land and for these purpose to buy or acquire on lease , rent or otherwise any land building, tenement, or any other such properties.
  • To carry on the business of supplier, dealer, manufacturer, hirer, importer and exporter of plant and machinery, tools, spares, appliance and equipment required for proper industries, cement industry, gas cylinder manufacturing units, iron foundries, rolling mills, quarries, oil mills , jute mills, sugar mills, cotton mills , chemical, metallurgical, mining and pharmaceutical machineries, construction works and also of road rollers, cranes., cement mixers, railway spares, tea garden machineries agricultural equipments, electrical equipments for generation transmission and distribution of electricity including transformers, electrical motors, furnaces, electric equipment and for these purposes to set up any factory , godown , workshop, foundry and shop, showroom service center as proprietor, partner, agent, broker, representative or otherwise.
  • To invest and manage land, building and other properties, whether belonging to the Company or not and to collect rents and income, and to supply tenants and occupiers and others refreshments , attendance , light, waiting rooms, reading rooms, meeting rooms, electrical conveniences and other advantages.
  • To carry on business and to act as traders , commission agents, brokers, guarantee brokers banians contractors, carriers and to export , import , buy, sell, pledge, make advances upon barter exchange or otherwise deal in goods , articles , stock shares whatever as ,may be necessary for the purpose of the Company in which Company is authorized to carry on business.


Presently the Company is engaged in the trading of stock, shares and other related securities and also in the trading and supplying of all products related to agricultural land and its farming.